How does a team work?

The best perk of a being a team runner is the $5 lower price you get when you register! You get to make up a fun creative team name and then run/walk together and help each other get really colorful!

Is there a “Relay” component to running as a team?

Nope. You just register together and run. Some teams stay together for the entire run and some separate as they cover the course. Both options are A-OKAY with us.

What is the best way to CREATE a team during the registration process?

First the team captain registers and chooses the “Team Runner” ticket. In the middle of the registration form they are asked if they want to join or create a team. They would choose CREATE A TEAM and fill in the team information. They would then fully confirm their registration and the team is formed and ready for others to join it! (In order to CREATE a team you have to select the option that you are registering yourself and are over 18 years old.) 

Once that is done, the rest of the team members can go register. They also choose the “Team Runner” ticket and then in the middle of the registration form they choose to “JOIN A TEAM.” Search using the team name and select the team when it pulls up.

Can we wear our own team shirts?

Abso-frikkin-lutely. Be as creative as you like! As long as the shirt is mostly white, you are good to go!

Where can I see my team information on

Teams can view their Team status by visiting If you have any more questions about your team registration you can call or shoot an email over to Active. Customer Support: 1-877-228-4881 or

*Pricing is per person…..not per team.
*Creating a team does not hold or reserve spots or pricing! We highly suggest registering as close together as possible so as to not have the race sell out or the price change in the middle of your team registering.