Charlotte, NC


Charlotte, get ready! New 2017 tour headed your way!

We had a blast with you in 2016 and can't wait to get colorful with you again! Ready for more color? Join the VIP list for early access to tickets and exciting updates on the new 2017 tour.

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The Color Run 2017 is coming your way soon!

Join the VIP list for early access to tickets and exciting updates on the new 2017 tour.

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Join us as a local partner, advertise your company and reach this attractive audience of thousands before, during and after the event! Every participant will receive access to a “Virtual Event Bag,” which is a mini website dedicated to our local partners. We will be promoting the site via email, social media and even on our website. This partnership opportunity is priced at $350 for this event and space is limited, so jump in and get started! Get your company name out there! Get Started
Local Partners
WOW! I cannot wait until The Color Run comes back to my city. It was seriously the best day. My friends and I had a blast.
My favorite part was the party at the finish line that had super cool photo ops, music, and a beach area with cool vibes!
The Tropicolor zone had big inflatable palm trees! My friends and I had so much fun this year. We love TCR!
The new Tropicolor tour is even better than last year! They had a sandy beach area at the end with huge inflatable beach balls. So fun.
The Color Run Tropicolor Tour is one of the funnest things my family and I have ever done. Very family friendly and super tropical.