New Tropicolor Zone

Multiple colors, palm trees, and bubbles–it's a piece of paradise right on the 5k course!

New Rainbow Beach

At the finish festival, look for fresh photo opps, beach balls, giant pineapples and more surprises.

See Tropicolor In Action

2016 Tour Dates

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May 28Birmingham, AL Oct 15Tuscaloosa, AL Sep 03Huntsville, AL Jun 25Anchorage, AK May 21Fairbanks, AK Jan 23Tempe, AZ Oct 29Rogers, AR Nov 19Huntington Beach, CA May 21Los Angeles, CA May 28San Jose, CA Oct 15Ventura, CA Aug 06Sacramento, CA Nov 12Bay Area, CA Jul 10San Diego, CA Aug 27Denver, CO Oct 22Bridgeport, CT Coming SoonJoin The List May 15Washington, DC Coming SoonJoin The List Dec 03Clearwater, FL Apr 23Ft. Lauderdale, FL Jan 16Orlando, FL Apr 02Atlanta, GA Apr 30Augusta, GA May 21Savannah, GA Aug 27Boise, ID Jun 05Chicago, IL Oct 08South Bend, IN Jun 18Indianapolis, IN Apr 23Fort Wayne, IN Jul 09Des Moines, IA Jun 11Louisville, KY Oct 22Elizabethtown, KY Oct 15Lexington, KY Apr 09Baton Rouge, LA May 07Shreveport, LA May 14Lafayette, LA Jun 26South Portland, ME Aug 13Baltimore, MD Jun 11Boston, MA Jun 25Ypsilanti, MI Apr 23Kalamazoo, MI Jul 09Lansing, MI Aug 06Grand Rapids, MI Sep 18Duluth, MN Jul 10Twin Cities, MN Aug 27Columbia, MO May 07Kansas City, MO Apr 16St. Louis, MO Apr 30Springfield, MO Coming SoonJoin The List Jul 16Omaha, NE Feb 27Las Vegas, NV Coming SoonJoin The List Sep 03Central Jersey, NJ Coming SoonJoin The List May 07Binghamton, NY Sep 03Brooklyn, NY Aug 20Buffalo, NY May 21Rochester, NY May 07Queens, NY Oct 02Hudson Valley, NY Aug 06Asheville, NC Apr 30Charlotte, NC May 28Fayetteville, NC Mar 19Winston-Salem, NC Coming SoonJoin The List Jul 23Columbus, OH Aug 06Cincinnati, OH Jun 11Cleveland, OH Aug 27Toledo, OH Jun 11Youngstown, OH Apr 09Tulsa, OK Oct 01Oklahoma City, OK Sep 17Portland, OR Coming SoonJoin The List Aug 13Erie, PA Jun 04Hershey, PA Jul 16Pittsburgh, PA Jun 12Philadelphia, PA Sep 25Penn State, PA Sep 25Providence, RI Apr 02Clemson, SC Apr 16Columbia, SC May 14Nashville, TN May 07Austin, TX Dec 10Brownsville, TX Mar 26Dallas, TX Mar 26Lubbock, TX Dec 04El Paso, TX Aug 20Salt Lake City, UT Sep 24Burlington, VT Apr 23Roanoke-Salem, VA Aug 21Bellingham, WA May 08Seattle, WA Aug 14Tacoma, WA Coming SoonJoin The List May 15Eau Claire, WI May 28Racine, WI Sep 24La Crosse, WI May 21Madison, WI Oct 02Green Bay, WI Aug 07Milwaukee, WI Coming SoonJoin The List

Here is the complete list of upcoming tour dates:

Jan 16Orlando, FL Jan 23Tempe, AZ Feb 27Las Vegas, NV Mar 19Winston-Salem, NC Mar 26Dallas, TX Mar 26Lubbock, TX Apr 02Atlanta, GA Apr 02Clemson, SC Apr 09Baton Rouge, LA Apr 09Tulsa, OK Apr 16Columbia, SC Apr 16St. Louis, MO Apr 23Ft. Lauderdale, FL Apr 23Roanoke-Salem, VA Apr 23Kalamazoo, MI Apr 23Fort Wayne, IN Apr 30Augusta, GA Apr 30Charlotte, NC Apr 30Springfield, MO May 07Binghamton, NY May 07Kansas City, MO May 07Queens, NY May 07Austin, TX May 07Shreveport, LA May 08Seattle, WA May 14Nashville, TN May 14Lafayette, LA May 15Washington, DC May 15Eau Claire, WI May 21Rochester, NY May 21Savannah, GA May 21Los Angeles, CA May 21Madison, WI May 21Fairbanks, AK May 28Fayetteville, NC May 28San Jose, CA May 28Racine, WI May 28Birmingham, AL Jun 04Hershey, PA Jun 05Hershey, PA Jun 05Chicago, IL Jun 11Boston, MA Jun 11Cleveland, OH Jun 11Louisville, KY Jun 11Youngstown, OH Jun 12Philadelphia, PA Jun 18Indianapolis, IN Jun 25Ypsilanti, MI Jun 25Anchorage, AK Jun 26South Portland, ME Jul 09Lansing, MI Jul 09Des Moines, IA Jul 10Twin Cities, MN Jul 10San Diego, CA Jul 16Omaha, NE Jul 16Pittsburgh, PA Jul 23Columbus, OH Aug 06Asheville, NC Aug 06Grand Rapids, MI Aug 06Sacramento, CA Aug 06Cincinnati, OH Aug 07Milwaukee, WI Aug 13Erie, PA Aug 13Baltimore, MD Aug 14Tacoma, WA Aug 20Buffalo, NY Aug 20Salt Lake City, UT Aug 21Bellingham, WA Aug 27Toledo, OH Aug 27Boise, ID Aug 27Denver, CO Aug 27Columbia, MO Sep 03Huntsville, AL Sep 03Central Jersey, NJ Sep 03Brooklyn, NY Sep 17Portland, OR Sep 18Duluth, MN Sep 24Burlington, VT Sep 24La Crosse, WI Sep 25Providence, RI Sep 25Penn State, PA Oct 01Oklahoma City, OK Oct 02Green Bay, WI Oct 02Hudson Valley, NY Oct 08South Bend, IN Oct 15Ventura, CA Oct 15Tuscaloosa, AL Oct 15Lexington, KY Oct 22Bridgeport, CT Oct 22Elizabethtown, KY Oct 29Rogers, AR Nov 12Bay Area, CA Nov 19Huntington Beach, CA Dec 03Clearwater, FL Dec 04El Paso, TX Dec 10Brownsville, TX
WOW! I cannot wait until The Color Run comes back to my city. It was seriously the best day. My friends and I had a blast.
My favorite part was the party at the finish line that had super cool photo ops, music, and a beach area with cool vibes!
The Tropicolor zone had big inflatable palm trees! My friends and I had so much fun this year. We love TCR!
The new Tropicolor tour is even better than last year! They had a sandy beach area at the end with huge inflatable beach balls. So fun.
The Color Run Tropicolor Tour is one of the funnest things my family and I have ever done. Very family friendly and super tropical.