Oat Milk Benefits that Will Make You Say 'Holy Cow'

Oat Milk Benefits that Will Make You Say 'Holy Cow'

Oat milk is the latest to join the ever-lengthening list of milk alternatives that the hip coffee houses offer customers. It seems like there’s always new milk vying for shelf space in our fridge these days! But what makes one stand out from the crowd? Here's why we think oat-milk deserves of the crown GOAT (greatest of all time) when it comes to dairy alternatives.  

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"Y'all. I know I'm late to the party but I just discovered oatmilk for my coffee. Now I'm ready to do all the things. GAME CHANGER!!


We’ll take extra fiber anywhere we can get it. Research has proven time and again that a diet rich in fiber helps you lose pounds and feeds your microbiome. You can score an extra 2 grams per serving by simply using oat milk as the base of your morning smoothie. It doesn’t get easier to reap the health benefits of oat milk!

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Because oats are plentiful and cheaper than nuts used to make nut-milks, oats are ideal for DIYers on a budget. If you think you've run out of ways to use oats, think again. Making oat milk at home isn’t only cheap, with 2 ingredients (water, oats) it’s also a snap. If you can make a smoothie you can definitely make oat milk.

"Also I ~finally~ tried oat milk and THE HYPE IS REAL."
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Most plant-based milk doesn’t have a very robust texture, going limp at the sound of a milk frother, (looking at you soy). However, baristas love oat milk because it stands up to the steamer like a champ and is silky in iced coffees. Add oat milk to butternut squash soup for added body, or substitute it for dairy milk in pancakes.

"i think we all know oat milk is the supreme"
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So, now you know the health benefits of oat milk! From improving your daily smoothie to lowering your impact on the environment, it's safe to say we are oat milk converts! Try it and tell us how you are incorporating it into your healthy routine.

"I love oat milk so much i'm overwhelmed"